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Make proactive decisions
Gallagher's suite of animal management solutions will help you improve your bottom-line by providing you with accurate livestock data so you can make proactive management decisions.
What can our solutions offer?

✔ Increase stock value by identifying poor performers to treat, allocate to a different feeding group, or cull 

✔ Minimise operational cost by optimising feeding programs and minimising treatment costs

✔ Sell sooner and sell for a better price 

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Animal Performance Plus
Take further control of your livestock and start making better management decisions about your animals. Accurate and comprehensive data collection is just the beginning - experience full system integration and powerful data management with Gallagher Animal Performance Plus.

"Collecting animal weight gains and data is a huge part of our business. The data is there, you can see what they've been gaining and there is no guesswork in it." - Michelle Muller, Lawson Angus  

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Design Your Own Weighing System

Discover the perfect weighing solution tailored to your needs with our range of innovative products. By clicking the link below and completing the questionnaire, you can be provided with a list of weighing products that will set your farm or ranch up for a profitable and well managed system.

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Find your solution