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Permanent Electric Fence

A permanent fencing solution designed to fence anywhere and everywhere, whether it's for livestock inclusion, feral animal exclusion, or biodiversity protection.

A heavy-duty and versatile permanent electric fence


It's the 21st century. Satellites guide tractors, remote sensors monitor our soils, and robots are milking cows. Every aspect of farm operations has evolved to a higher level of excellence — except fencing. Until now.


The Gallagher Permanent Electric Fence outperforms legacy fencing on every measure. It's more economical to monitor and maintain, tells you how your fence is performing with a quick glance at your phone, and takes seconds to check (no more hours of driving to find the fault!).


Take your farm productivity to a whole new level of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency with the Gallagher Permanent Electric Fence.

How does it work?

Gallagher I-Posts form the physical portion of this electric fencing system. These posts pull design inspiration from engineered structural steel beams used in the construction industry, ensuring heavy-duty integrity and strength.

This makes the fence more durable to natural events, and easy to repair and maintain. With multiple post variations, there is a suitable post for all fencing requirements, new and old.


Made from recycled materials, the 100% insulated, high-density polyethylene I-post is the tailor-made solution for permanent perimeter, internal subdivision, wildlife exclusion, and retrofit fencing solutions.

A fit-for-purpose fence for every purpose...

Livestock inclusion

Fencing for the on-farm inclusion of cattle and sheep

Feral animal exclusion

Fencing to keep feral animals and pests out, including kangaroos, foxes, deer, and feral dogs and pigs

Conservation & riparian protection

Fencing to keep conservation areas and waterways safe from wandering livestock and feral animals

Retrofitting of existing fencing

Fencing to electrify or bolster an existing fence 

Featured Products

I-Post clips secure the I-Post in place to provide fence integrity and maintain wire spacing. Made from high-tensile spring steel for maximum strength and longevity. With three different variants, there are clips specifically designed for standard steel posts, maxi Posts and for the when the I-Post is suspended and requires secure attachment to the fence wire.


Gallagher I-Post


Suspended I-Post Clip


Steel I-Post Clip


Maxi I-Post Clip

The complete and permanent electric fencing solution

With a Gallagher Permanent Fence, your fence can talk to you. Unlike a legacy fence, fence performance is instantly communicated directly to your smartphone, offering you the peace of mind that your livestock are where they should be, and your business is protected.

i Series Energizers

Pure power, with intelligent fence monitoring


More power, where it matters

i Series technology delivers more power to the end of your fence line, adapting voltage output to power though fence faults


Engineered to perform in the harshest of farming conditions

Proven to perform in extreme temperatures, with built-in lightning protection

View fence performance in a convenient location

Energizer Controller shows your fence performance information in a convenient separate display that can be located outdoors up to 50m away from the Energizer

Wi-Fi Gateway & Ag Devices App

Provides real time information about your fence performance, alerts you of fence faults and allows you to turn your fence on and off - giving you a better view of your fence


Peace of mind with monitored fence performance

Know the status of your fence, 24/7 and check your fence voltage at anytime, anywhere


Remote control of your Energizer

Turn your Energizer off and on with the swipe of a finger


Data straight to your pocket

Be alerted of fence faults and view performance information in the palm of your hand