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Weighing technology supports 50 years of genetic seedstock innovation

Monday, 13 June, 2022

Lawsons Angus is a family owned business that sources new technology on a global basis and incorporates this technology into its sustainable farming systems. Over the past 50 years, Lawsons Angus has developed and continually improved its Angus genetics to an industry leading level, putting them as a world leading seedstock (genetics) company. It’s a whole farm system approach to beef production that includes a strong focus on economics, technology and sustainable land management.

With a long history of innovation, Lawsons Angus produces 1,000 performance-tested Angus bulls each year from its seedstock business in Yea and Barham. These genetics are marketed to commercial beef producers across Australia and into International markets, such as China and Russia. Lawsons Angus Director Harry Lawson and his team rely on Gallagher’s weighing and EID solutions to measure every animal’s performance across the farming operations.

“Weighing animals regularly enables us to accurately measure individual animal’s performance throughout the year, ensuring they meet their targets,” he says. “If they are not gaining weight, we can immediately alter the feeding regime or investigate animal health issues.” Lawsons Angus are constantly sourcing technology to improve the efficiency of raising and handling their cattle.

The latest addition to the farm’s weighing solution is Gallagher’s Wireless Load Bars. The team uses them on its pedigree cow breeding unit in Barham, New South Wales, together with Gallagher’s HR5 Handheld EID Tag Reader. The Wireless Load Bars are permanently set up in the yards. Cows are brought into the yards to be weighed in mobs of 120 at key times during the season, including pre- and post-calving.

“The simplicity and efficiency of the load bars’ wireless system, which removes cables in the yards, makes it easier to process large mobs,” says Harry. On the bull farms, mobs are weighed monthly from weaning using the TWR-5 Weigh Scale with built-in EID tag reader. All the data comes through in a monthly weight report through Gallagher’s Animal Performance mobile app.

“Being able to connect the system directly to a mobile phone is also helpful with the data immediately uploaded to my Gallagher Animal Performance account and available for analysis on any of our connected devices.”
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“The simplicity and efficiency of the loadbars’ wireless system, which removes cables in the yards, makes it easier to process large mobs.”

Harry Lawson