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Gallagher Westonfence stops wild dogs from devastating sheep flock

Southern NSW farmer Doug Cameron shared his story of wild dogs destroying his sheep and how Gallagher Westonfence and an i Series Energizer has allowed him to sleep soundly at night again.


For fourth-generation sheep farmer Doug Cameron, the stress from sleepless nights spent in the dark, protecting his sheep from wild dog attacks, is now a thing of the past.

Together with his son Jordan, Doug runs the sheep operation situated near Bendoc. The property is spread across the border of New South Wales and Victoria and shares a boundary with National Park land, a haven for native herbivores and wild dogs alike.

For generations, the challenges that Doug and his family faced were completely out of their control. And for a time, Doug and his family felt like trying to control the wild dog attacks on the property was also an impossible task.

“The problems we encountered on the farm were mainly always to do with the weather – when we didn’t have any rain and we’d have to get feed in and things like that. And the problem we’ve come across is wild dogs.”

“We’d never had a problem with wild dogs.”

Doug and his son were spending countless hours, patrolling the farm for wild dogs in a desperate bid to save their lambs and protect their livelihood.

“You’d go to bed and you’d be absolutely tired, buggered – you’d sleep till about 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and then you’d wake up and think “God, I wonder what we can do about, you know, keeping these dogs out?” “

Desperate to find a solution to keep the wild dogs off his property, Doug turned to his local Gallagher Territory Manager for advice.

“I looked into it and we purchased the i Series Gallagher fencing set-up. The Energizer puts the power to the fence and I put up the 5-foot, 8 wire Westonfence. We gave it and go and yeah, it’s working. It’s doing a great job.”

Doug chose to construct Gallagher Westonfence as his boundary fence. A robust and simple to construct solution, Gallagher Westonfence is perfectly suited to feral animal exclusion. While Doug’s main priority was to stop wild dog attacks, he has also seen secondary benefits with the fence excluding native animals, who would normally compete with his sheep for feed.

 “We’re on a 32-inch rainfall which has been blown away in the last few years, which means the bush and that had no feed, so we’ve had extra pressure coming from the feral animals coming through – as in the wombats, as in the kangaroos - and the fence has done a great job in stopping all that.”

“We had to get the dozer in and take the humps and hollows out – we wanted to make sure that bottom wire was only 100mm off the ground and we’ve had no trouble with any coming under.”

With a Gallagher M5800i Energizer powering his boundary fence, Doug has seen a massive reduction in numbers of lamb deaths and most importantly, can sleep soundly knowing his fence is working for him to protect his livelihood.

“I’ve had the fence up now for 12 months, like a whole two lambing seasons and just coming into the next lambing season – it’s worked a treat, it has worked a treat.”

“Virtually how I was told at the time that dogs are the easiest thing to control and that’s exactly what’s happened.”

The support provided by Gallagher to Doug in his time of need has been a stand out in the whole process.

“The Gallagher reps have been there on the other end of the phone at any time and the advice I got from the Gallagher Territory Manager was spot on and the support I’ve had since has been all I’d require.”

The Gallagher 8-Line Westonfence was built as a cost-effective barrier and the extra numbers of lambs Doug is able to raise and sell will swiftly outweigh the costs of the fencing.

“Within 3 or 4 years it will be well and truly paid back because the amount of sheep I was losing and the price they’re making at the moment and the way prices of lambs are – this is the way to go.”

“It just makes life so much easier.”

“Within 3 or 4 years it will be well and truly paid back because the amount of sheep I was losing and the price they’re making at the moment and the way prices of lambs are – this is the way to go.”