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Smart Solar makes Farming anywhere a reality

170809-gallagaher-008-General Purpose
Smart solar technology has added flexibility to Gallagher’s i-Series range making them a reliable option for even the remotest, toughest farming locations.

The new MB (mains-battery) MB 1000i, MB1800i and MB2800i energizer are founded on the well established reputation of the company’s “mains only i-Series” energizers, but have incorporated a battery-solar power source capability into their systems.

The latest models have a socket system that enables a connection direct to mains power,  or can be connected to a solar charged battery for use in locations where mains power is not an option.

Gallagher product manager Brian Rose says the system has also incorporated much of the intelligent technology built into the company’s hugely successful Solar “S” series that has revolutionised electric fencing flexibility with battery-solar technology.

“The MB series have a solar regulator mounted with the solar panels to regulate the amount of solar energy needed to charge the battery, while the unit itself has the smarts to know the status of the battery, and regulate its power output accordingly.”

Should the unit go for a sustained period of low sunshine hours, it will adjust the level of power output and pulse frequency to maximise the battery’s life and maintain fence operation.

The MB1000i has the ability to deliver 10 joules of stored energy, sufficient power for almost 50ha, while the MB1800i will be effective over 80ha and the MB2800i over 120ha.

Along with the robustness of the mains only energizers, the MB series also incorporate the ancillary features that make that range so popular with farmers.

“They include the remote fault finding feature that enables the farm to be separated into zones that report back to the energizer unit. It enables alerts to be sent, should a fault be found, and ensures that fault is a lot easier to identify within a certain area of the farm.”

Brian says under the hood of the energizers considerable work has been done to ensure they can withstand the tough climatic conditions they will be subjected to. All circuit boards have been specially treated to protect them from debilitating moisture incursion.

There will also be an optional battery backup unit that will enable the new MB units to run on mains power while simultaneously being connected to a battery.

“It means the mains supply will top up and keep trickle charging the battery, and in the event of any mains power failure, the battery will be there to kick in and take over. You have the peace of mind knowing your battery is 100% charged and good to go and that your fence will keep working even when the power goes out.”