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Gallagher joins forces with Westonfence

Gallagher Australia has entered a partnership with Westonfence to distribute and market the unique fencing system.

Gallagher GM Malcolm Linn says Westonfence comprises a system of Insulated Suspension Posts interspersed with steel posts; a specially designed clip holds each Insulated Suspension Post in place. For large installations, the fence can be constructed as posts come off a magazine sitting on a purpose-built trailer. For smaller distances a simple manual threading works very effectively.

"The Weston family developed this concept themselves, to enhance pasture use, control total grazing pressure, and give them the opportunity to fully develop the potential of land bordering uncontrolled native and feral animal habitats, such as national parks.

"The system's keys lie in its fast, efficient and cost-effective construction method, and the clips that that ensure very minimal movement of every Insulated Suspension Post — even under heavy feral animal pressure."

Since developing the Westonfence in 1992, its popularity has grown from around the family's Nymagee home base in Central NSW.

Peter Weston says developing the Westonfence was a total family effort — he pays tribute to sons Paul, Denis and Bill, who all contributed to its design, and daughter Maria, whose husband Duncan Abbey has now also bought into the business. Coinciding with moving marketing and distribution to Gallagher, Peter and his wife Elizabeth have handed over the reins of the family-owned and operated rural business to this next generation.

Peter says, "We've had a long association with Gallagher and are pleased to be working with them now. They've got a very good product, we've always used it and recommended it to all our customers. We firmly believed their range of quality products, distribution footprint and technical knowledge complements Westonfence's quality products. Gallagher are the leaders in electric fencing accessories and therefore, their capacity to consult, design and support Westonfence installations adds significant value."

The Westonfence machinery and system won National Farm Invention of the Year for Peter Weston in 1994 and Regional Runner Up for son Bill Weston, with the automated clip maker, in 1996.

Malcolm Linn says the Westons' innovation and their products' simplicity of design appealed strongly to Gallagher.

"Gallagher began with Bill Gallagher Senior's inventiveness, so these are inherent Gallagher values too. While sales have grown in districts where a Westonfence has been constructed, to date, the Westons have mainly relied on word of mouth. Gallagher's strong technical team — our Territory Managers, those in Tech Support and our Customer Service Reps — on top of our excellent distribution, will see Westonfence available Australia wide."

The agreement takes effect from May 1. Westonfence will available through all Gallagher reseller stores. For stocking or marketing queries, please contact 1800 GALLAGHER (1800 425 524).