Lil' Spring Square Livestock Watering Tank A3500

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  • Square shape with valve compartment at a 45 degree angle in the middle of the tank so animals have access to all four sides provides 168" of drinking space
  • A large valve compartment so water line shut-off valve can be located under the lid and easily reached
  • Two ft hook-up hose with shut-off valve is standard with each unit
  • Two bottom drains for quick and complete drainage
  • Installs easily on most existing concrete pads
  • Spring load clips allow entry to valve area - no wrenches required
  • Available with heater (order separately)
  • Stainless steel anchor bolts included​
Warranty 5 years
Height660mm/ 26"
Width or Length1069mm/ 42"
Depth1069mm/ 42"
Product Weight66kg/ 145lbs



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