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Automatic Livestock Watering Systems

​​Miraco has been offering healthy, clean, fresh water systems since 1974. ​​Miraco perfected energy-free watering systems and was the first to manufacture automatic livestock waters from poly materials.  Join other livestock producers and pet owners who enjoy the innovative features of Miraco Watering Systems. ​

Miraco was the first in the world to develop energy free livestock tanks - Mirafounts.  These innovative tanks have 2-3" of urethane insulation and have extra insulation above the valve area. Water stays cool in warm temperatures and does not freeze in cold conditions.  

Energy Free Waterers

The Lil'Spring Miraco Livestock waterer is a multipurpose waterer specifically designed for general livestock use.


The EQUIFount features smooth rounded edges for safety with minimum intrusion on stall space. 


Gallagher's submersible trough valve has a flexible cord and float that hugs the trough wall and keeps it out of harms way.

Trough Valves

E-Fount waterers​ are the most economical electric heat waters available today.  All E-Fount waterers come equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. E-Founts only require 4 kilowatts of electricity during a week of -25 F temperatures. 


These waterers feature a one-piece polyethylene construciton for beef and dairy cattle.  


Bowl refills automatically and has no moving parts making it completely pet safe.

Pet Waterer