Fence Energizer B180 Solar AFR180

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  • With one 10 watt solar panel
  • Controls domestic livestock and wildlife
  • Panels mounted in low profile, aluminium frame
  • Units mount flat on a solid surface
  • Battery and pole not included
Warranty2 years
Height80mm/ 3.1"
Width or Length170mm/6.7"



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    Multi-power Fence Energizer B180Multi-power Fence Energizer B180The B180 with 1.8 Joules of stored energy provides versatile animal control. This energizer can be used in mains powered permanent electric fencing or for fencing in remote areas that have unreliable or no access to mains power. Suitable for fencing all types of animal on small sized farms up to 90 acres (16 miles) of multi wire fencing. G364504
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