Solar/Battery Fence Energizer B80 G362504

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​​​​​​Multiwire distance ideal conditions: 
55 acres / 22ha; 13km / 8 miles

0.8 Stored Joules


  • Quick glance battery and fence voltage performance shown on indicator lights
  • Easy installation and good connection using split bolt recessed terminals
  • Multi power option - can be run on mains or battery power.
  • Convert to 110V (G40100)
  • Easy to use rotary dial to change Energizer operating functions
  • Battery save modes - Random pulse mode provides 2.6x more battery life and night save mode provides 1.8x more battery life
  • Convert to solar operation with a solar package
  • Battery not included
Warranty 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules)0.8 Joules
Height160mm/ 6.3"
Width or Length205mm/ 8.1"
Product Weight1.3kg/ 2.9lbs
Power SourceBattery not included. 12V rechargeable battery required.
Power SourceSolar is not included - but may be ordered as a solar package.



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