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Portable Fencing

​​Portable electric fences provide flexibility in pasture management and are ideal for short-term animal control or rotational grazing.  Easily transported, constructed and maintained, portable fences are an effective temporary fencing solution for a range of animals and situations.  

​​Tapes, Wires and Braids are used on portable fences rather than the galvanized wire used on permanent fences.

Tape, Wire and Braid

​​​Posts are lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. Pigtail posts are most popular for livestock fences.

Tumblewheels Move Electric Fence Quickly & Easily

​Reels hold the tape, braid or wire for a portable fence. You can use just one reel for single line fences or up to four reels, attached to a reel stand, for multi-wire fences.


​Prefabricated electric fence netting for a wide range of uses from poultry to sheep.

Poultry Netting