Poly Wire Tensioner AXLT8

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  • ​Holds PolyWire, ½” Poly Tape and ¼” EquiBraid
  • High impact, UV-resistant plastic
Warranty 1 Year



    Aluminum Wire - 14 ga, 402m/1320' https://am.gallagher.com/ca-en/products/electric-fencing/fencing/permanent-fencing/wire-and-cable/AXL141320Aluminum Wire - 14 ga, 402m/1320' The most effective electric wire on the market with a lifetime guarantee against rust.AXL141320
    Poly Wire Combo Roll 500m/1,640'https://am.gallagher.com/ca-en/products/electric-fencing/fencing/portable-fencing/tapes-wires-braids/G620300Poly Wire Combo Roll 500m/1,640'500m/1,640' of Poly Wire. Ideal for portable fence projects.G620300
    Turbo Wire 200mhttps://am.gallagher.com/ca-en/products/electric-fencing/fencing/portable-fencing/tapes-wires-braids/G62054Turbo Wire 200mReliable, long life wire with turbo conductivity for superior animal control on portable electric fences 200m and over.G62054