Gallagher Animal Management Global Customer Warranty Policy

Updated 1st December 2018

All Gallagher Animal Management products are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a specified period from the original date of purchase.  The specific warranty periods are listed on the product packaging or on the product webpage of the Gallagher website for your region (

The terms of the warranty are that the product is fit for its intended purpose, provided it is used in a proper manner and according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  In particular, the warranty does not cover non-agricultural use.

Warranty exclusions include (but are not limited to): -

  • product failure outside the warranty period;
  • physical mishandling, misuse, abuse or negligence;
  • “acts of God” and/or “force majeure” (e.g. lightning, flood, fire, theft, etc.)
  • water immersion or ingress beyond stated IP rating;
  • contamination by chemicals (e.g. battery acid, etc.)
  • improper power supply (e.g. incorrect voltages; surges; transients; etc.)
  • attempted repair or modification by a non-authorised repair agent;
  • cosmetic or surface corrosion;
  • factory serial number / date-code removed or made illegible;
  • damage caused by 3rdparty systems or components (e.g. data network voltages, etc.);
  • data loss. (Please ensure data is backed up regularly.)

If a product failure occurs within the warranty conditions then please return the product to the Gallagher agent from where it was purchased.  A proof-of-purchase must accompany all warranty claims.  The warranty liability is limited to repair, replacement or refund of the faulty product, at Gallagher’s discretion.

Gallagher, their Distributors, and their Dealers accepts no responsibility for the misuse of this product or for any accident caused by any tampering, modification or misuse of this product.

This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

Energizer 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Any energizer which is found unsuitable for the intended application may be returned to the Gallagher agent from where it was purchased.  The energizer must be returned in new condition, with all accessories and packaging, and with a proof-of-purchase.  If you are unsure about the suitability of any energizer for your particular farming application then please contact your local Gallagher agent or distributor for advice.

Energizer Lightning Indemnity (some regions only)

In some regions, Gallagher may offer a lightning indemnity for an energizer.  This provides for repair or replacement of a Gallagher energizer damaged by lightning.  At least one lightning diverter must be correctly installed on the fence to qualify.  A proof-of-purchase for the energizer and photos of the installed lightning diverter must accompany all claims.  Check for details on your energizer packaging or the Gallagher website for your region.

Service Parts Pledge

Gallagher pledges to provide, whenever possible, service parts for all Gallagher Animal Management products for a period of 5 years after product manufacturehasbeen discontinued.

Global Warranty Periods

The following warranty periods are provided as a guide only.  For exact warranty periods please consult the product packaging or the product webpage of the Gallagher website for your region (

90 Days


  • Service parts & modules


  • Batteries sold inside an appliance
    (90 days; or 2 years from the appliance date-of-manufacture if this expires first.)

1 Year

Fence Hardware

  • Steel gates & gate hardware
  • Wire clamps & joiners
  • Spring tensioners

Fence Tools

  • Fencing pliers & wire cutters
  • Crimping tools
  • Tie-downs & handles

Electric Fencing – Accessories

  • Earthing
  • Electric gates & handles
  • Lightning diverters
  • Standard insulators
    (International range)
  • Standard cut-out switches

Electric Fencing – Testers

  • Live fence indicators
  • Fence voltage indicators
  • Fencevolt meters
  • Fault finders
  • Load testers

Electric Fencing – Portable & Temporary

  • Conductive tapes, wires, braids & rope
  • Portable fence posts
    (e.g. ring-top, tread-in, pigtail)
  • Reels & reel accessories
  • All-in-one fences
    (e.g. Smart Fence, Euronet)

Wireless Water Monitoring

Stock Prods

Weighing Platforms & Drafters

  • Sheep auto drafter
  • Dairy scale platform

2 Years
(if registered online; otherwise 1 year)

Weigh Scales & Data Collectors

  • Touchscreen (e.g. Tsi2, TW1, TW3)
  • Standard (e.g. W210, W610, W810)

EID Tag Readers

  • Handheld Readers
  • Tag Reader Controllers
  • Tag Reader Antennas

2 Years

Electric Fencing – Semi-Permanent

  • Fibreglass posts & clips
  • Offsets – wire & pigtail

Solar Panels

3 Years
(if purchased after 1stJan 2018; otherwise 2 years)

Electric Fencing – Energizers

Electric Fencing – Special Accessories

  • i-series remote & fault-finder
  • i-series fence monitor

3 Years

Electric Fencing – Special Accessories

  • Standard insulators
    (North American range)

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