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Electric Fencing Resources

Here you'll find a selection of support resources to help with the set up, use and maintenance of your electric fencing products.​

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M5800i Fence Energizer Extreme Temperature Testing, Fence Energizer Extreme Temperature TestingGallagher demonstrates the extensive heat and cold temperature testing that took place to show that the i Series M5800i High Performance Energizer is the toughest in the world.
M5800i Fence Energizer Introduction, Fence Energizer IntroductionWant more power AND smarts? Problem solved. Providing much more power to the back of the farm when and where it matters, the powerful new M5800i Fence Energizer includes a separate display that enables you to check your fence in the time it takes to read this sentence.
How to check your electric fence in 10 easy steps, to check your electric fence in 10 easy stepsEliminate the mystery of electric fence failure in 10 easy steps. Inadequate or poor grounding, loose and hanging wires, damaged fence accessories and many other problems can cause an electric fence to fail. These 10 steps specific for North American producers will guide you through a process to ensure your electric fencing is working properly and functioning at full capacity.

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i Series Fence Energizer System Reference Card Series Fence Energizer System Reference Card

Manuals & Installation Instructions



M1200i Energizer Product Manual <a href="/assets/Documents/60832.pdf" target="_blank">M1200i Energizer Product Manual [PDF, 2047KB]</a>M1200i Energizer Product Manual
MR2500/MR5000 Energizer Product Manual <a href="/assets/Documents/32198.pdf" target="_blank">MR2500/MR5000 Energizer Product Manual [PDF, 859KB]</a>MR2500/MR5000 Energizer Product Manual
M50/M120/M160 Energizer Product Manual<a href="/assets/Documents/49199.pdf" target="_blank">M50/M120/M160 Energizer Product Manual [PDF, 5118KB]</a>M50/M120/M160 Energizer Product Manual




Ring Top Post DL Brochure AUS<a href="/assets/Documents/80275.pdf" target="_blank">Ring Top Post DL Brochure AUS [PDF, 1390KB]</a>Ring Top Post DL Brochure AUS
Animal Management - Electric Fencing Brochure AUS<a href="/au/Lists/SPRTCTLG/DispForm.aspx?ID=116" target="_blank">Animal Management Electric Fencing Brochure</a>Animal Management - Electric Fencing Brochure AUS
Live Tip Offset DL Brochure <a href="/assets/Documents/73288.pdf" target="_blank">Live Tip Offset DL Brochure [PDF, 384KB]</a>Live Tip Offset DL Brochure