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4 Week In Calf Results Snapshot - Flashmate® Electronic Heat Detector with Hamish Maclean

Check out a snapshot of Hamish Maclean's results when using Gallagher's new electronic heat detection - Flashmate®.

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Case Study - Applying Flashmate with Mike Anderson

Follow Mike Anderson's experience of using Gallagher's heat detection product, Flashmate.

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Corporate Video 2013

Let us show you how we continue to redefine what's possible through customer inspired design, relentless innovation and our commitment to delivering outstanding quality.

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Dairy Farm Electric Fencing in Australia

Dairy farm and wildlife protection video testimonial for Gallagher Australia Electric Fencing Systems.

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Drive Through Electric Gate Kit

Save time and effort with this lightweight, reliable and robust drive through electric gate system. Keeps large livestock in: lets you drive through! Not available in the United States.

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Dunrobin Grazing Horse and Cattle Station Australia

Electric Fencing Video testimonial for Gallagher Australia from Dunrobin Grazing cattle and horse station Victoria, Australia

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Electric Fencing Case Study - Black Mountain Station Australia

Electric Fencing Video testimonial for Gallagher Australia from Black Mountain Station.

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Electric Fencing Testimonial - Millbrook horse farm, Australia

Video testimonial for equine/horse farm electric fencing Millbrook horse farm Australia gallagher farm agriculture.

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Flashmate Case Study - Applying Flashmate® Units

Follow Mark Turnwald's experience of using Gallagher's new heat detection device - Flashmate®.

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Flashmate® Electronic Heat Detector Application

Gallagher demonstrates how easy it is to apply Flashmate® - a disposable electronic heat alert product that monitors riding activity and works out when a cow is in standing heat.

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