​A complete and permanent electric fencing solution. Westonfence has been designed for the construction of a robust, low maintenance electric fence.  It is fast, easy to construct and a cost effective solution to exclusion and subdivision fencing. 


This complete fencing system  is centred on the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Insulated Suspension Posts (ISP's) and high tensile fastening clips. 


Westonfence ISP's offer strength and reliability, longevity, UV stability and insulation, and their unique design reduces the chance of electric fence faults and shorts. 

Read the Westonfence Brochure or view the Westonfence Video for more information.

Learn more about the concept of Westonfence here

A complete solution

​With Gallagher, the Westonfence provides a complete solution to manage and protect livestock, pastures and other valuable assets. 

Safe & secure for over 16 years

​Westonfence has been providing safe & secure electric fencing on Australian properites for the last 16 years. Check out fence designs and applications in our brochure.

Simple, quick & cost effective

​The unique Westonfence system, lends itself to a range of construction methods that are typically quicker and easier than conventional fencing - saving hours on labour expenses.  

Case Studies

Westonfence sheep fence

​Gordon Brown likes a fence "that's stock proof when the power's down, and bullet proof when it's electrified". It's the reason the Shelford farmer, 40 kilometres west of Geelong in Victoria, chose a Westonfence.

Rick Crozier Westonfence Leaning offset fence

​According to Rick Crozier, Marfield Station, NSW -"if a roo hits the Westonfence hard and gets through, it doesn’t wreck the fence, the fence returns to how it was"

Westonfence on Australian farm

​For Northern Territory watermelon growers Stewart and Cassie Younghusband, a Westonfence & high-Joule Gallagher energizers has allowed harvesting of the full area planted.

​Gallagher will hold 41 regional field days across Australia in 2017. Click here to find where the next event near you is. 

​Read more about the Weston family and their journey to find a better fencing solution. 

​The Weston family developed the Westonfence concept to enhance pasture use, control total grazing pressure, and give them the opportunity to fully develop the potential of land bordering uncontrolled native and feral animal habitats, such as national parks.

Gallagher’s Malcolm Linn says the Westons' innovation and their products' simplicity of design appealed strongly to Gallagher.


"Gallagher began with Bill Gallagher Senior's inventiveness, so these are inherent Gallagher values too.”


Gallagher and Westonfence joined forces in 2016 – with Gallagher Australia distributing and marketing the unique fencing system.

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​ Electric fencing is safer, more effective, easier to install and cheaper than conventional fencing. Find out about the basics of electric fencing and why it's an investment in more profitable farming.