It’s 2020. Australian farmers are using satellites to guide tractors, remote sensors to monitor soils and robots to milk cows. Every aspect of farm operations has evolved to a higher level of excellence - except fencing.

But now there’s Gallagher Westonfence – a proven, permanent electric fencing solution that stands the test of time and outperforms legacy fencing on every measure.

A fence that is more economical to monitor and maintain, that tells you how your fence is performing and takes seconds to check, rather than hours.

Head into your local rural reseller or call your local Gallagher Territory Manager on 1800 425 524 to push your boundaries and take your farm productivity to a whole new level of excellence, effectiveness and efficiency with Gallagher Westonfence.

The Everywhere Permanent Electric Fence

Gallagher Westonfence is ideal for use in all terrain and all situations, including:


Gallagher Westonfence iscost-effective at typically 70-80% of the cost of conventional fencingmaterials. With simple construction, and genuine productivity improvements through managing the feedbase, you'll have yourinvestment paid back fast.

Peace of mind

With Gallagher Westonfence,your fence can talk to you. Unlike a legacy fence, fence performance is instantly communicated directly to your Smart Phone - offering you thepeace of mindthat your valuable livestock are where they should be or that they are safe from predators.

Save time

With Gallagher Westonfence you'll beconfident that everything is as it should be just by checking your Smart Phone. No more wasted time driving or walking to check a slowly rusting legacy fence for breaches.

Proven Results - with more than 20,000km installed to date

Queensland nut orchard sees 5-fold yield increase with Gallagher Westonfence

“We jumped from three tonne to up to 16 tonne last year – and it wasn’t a good year condition-wise for the crop. On top of that, the grass was way too…

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Lamb production only possible with wild-dog proof Gallagher Westonfence

"In the areas where we’ve fully done the perimeter with Gallagher Westonfence, there’s no sign of dogs. It’s definitely working. I’ve got dogs on camera right next to paddocks where there’s lambs…

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Gallagher Westonfence stops wild dogs from devastating sheep flock

“Within 3 or 4 years it will be well and truly paid back because the amount of sheep I was losing and the price they’re making at the moment and the way…

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Made by farmers for farmers

Made in Australia from 90% recycled materials, learn more about the Weston family and the history of Westonfence.

Westonfence Website

How it works

Each Gallagher Westonfence Insulated Suspension Post has been precision drilled in one of several hole configurations. This allows you to pre-thread the wires using the Gallagher Westonfence threading needle through each of the Insulated Suspension Posts with the threaded posts lying on the ground/trailer.

Steel postsare required to support the fence. Every third Insulated Suspension Post can be clipped to a steel post using the Gallagher Westonfence clip, with two or three freestanding Insulated Suspension Posts in between. This insulates the wires and allows them to be electrified. No in-line strainer posts are required; only end assemblies and corner posts.

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