Dashboard Z00007

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​Dashboard Lite

Dashboard Lite is a web and mobile product that lets you check and record your animal data on your phone when you're out and about on farm.

Specifically, Dashboard Lite allows you to:
  • Keep your information safe with online back-up of animal data
  • Look up individual animal history (from visual or EID number ) and weight gain on your phone and record notes if needed.
  • Look up weighing session information and summary statistics on your phone
  • Synchronise data between your phone and APS software on your PC

Sign up now for Dashboard Lite for $20/ month, for the first year, and get 3 months FREE subscription.



Dashboard Pro

Dashboard Pro provides more advanced analysis with access from any of your web enabled devices.

Dashboard Pro has all of the features of Dashboard Lite plus you can:
  • Analyse animal performance from any web enabled device
  • Track mob performance over time. Compare mobs or individuals' performance to assess management decisions
  • Review animal inventory and performance by stock class
  • Get a 'farm record' report for history of all farm activity over a specific period
  • Record medical treatments and maintain records of what is on hand
  • Filter on criteria such as life data, sessions, treatment or weight
  • Track animal pedigrees and review historic data
  • Review animal information collected on multiple farms in one place.

However you want to collect, review and use your animal information, Dashboard makes it easy to share and synch all the information between all of your devices.