EID Tag Reader Antenna Panel 600 G03121

Previously Called:   SmartReader 600mm Panel





  • Long life, waterproof panel for outdoor use in all weather conditions
  • Extremely easy installation, simply mount panel (hardware supplied) using reinforced mounting slots and plug in the Electronic Controller Antenna automatically tunes to the Reader Controller, no fiddling required ISO compliant - half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B) Also available in 1300mm size for walk past weighing applications
Warranty 1 year
Height600mm/ 23.6"
Depth50mm/ 2.0"
Product Weight3.8kg/ 8.4lbs
Width or Length 400mm/ 15.75"



    EID Tag Reader Controller BRhttps://am.gallagher.com/au/products/weighing-and-eid/eid-tag-readers-and-barcoding-equipment/G03111EID Tag Reader Controller BREasy to use, extremely reliable, fixed hands-free EID tag data collection.G03111
    EID Tag Reader Controller Rhttps://am.gallagher.com/au/products/weighing-and-eid/eid-tag-readers-and-barcoding-equipment/G03113EID Tag Reader Controller REntry level Reader Controller for fixed location, EID Tag ReadingG03113