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Heat Detection

The Flashmate ® Electronic Heat Detector is a disposable electronic heat alert product that when applied, monitors riding activity and works out when a cow is in standing heat. Test results are proving an increase in 6 week in calf rates. Patents pending.


Flashmate is fixed on the cow’s flank beside the tail ridge so it maximises retention and doesn’t interfere with tail paint application. Using simple installation and maintenance instructions ensures even first time users of Flashmate can achieve expert level heat detection.

Read the Flashmate Electronic Heat Detector Brochure or view the Flashmate Video for more information.​

Cows showing riding activity

Flashmate introduction video

​​Earn up to $60 extra per cow. Accurate heat detection is a key factor in achieving a tight calving pattern - so more milk, more replacements and less empties. See how Flashmate works and how it can boost your dairy farm productivity.

Flashmate heat detection pack

Flashmate: Electronic Heat Dectector

​​Gallagher's Flashmate Electronic Heat Detectors come in 24 or 96 pack options, with everything you need to easily apply the devices to your herd and achieve a tighter calving pattern.

Cows in dairy with Flashmate

Benefits of 6 week in-calf rate

Six week in-calf rate is perhaps the number one measure of your dairy herd's reproductive performance and is a sign of how well your farm is operating.

Case Studies

Flashmate flashing beacon on cow's back

​​​Cambridge, NZ  farmer Garry Reymer, believes "the crucial thing affecting how good your season is going to be is to get as many cows in calf as possible while achieving the tightest calving pattern you can."

Cows in dairy shed with Flashmate

​​​A Te Awamutu, NZ dairy farm manager Mike Anderson, used Flashmate during mating time for his 520 cow herd. "..they (Flashmate) just make identification of cows on heat simpler."

calves in paddock

​​Mark Turnwald has 315 cross-bred cows and is using Flashmate to highlight his top 50. ​Follow Mark's experience of using Flashmate and get some tips on the ideal application process to ensure the best results.

Farmer applying Flashmate to dairy cows

​​Find out how Flashmate's heat detection can boost your dairy farm's productivity and profitability.

Cows in yard with Flashmates

​​​Follow Hamish Maclean's experience of using heat detection - Flashmate on his dairy farm for a higher 6 week in-calf rate.

Close up of Flashmate on cow's back

​​​Gallagher demonstrates, in under 3 minutes, how easy it is to apply Flashmate to ensure the best possible retention and results.

You can also use the easy to follow, step by step process on page 4 and 5 of our brochure for extra information on how to use Flashmate. Good application and re-application is critical to maximise Flashmate retention.

​​We offer a range of useful videos, case studies, brochures and instruction information in our support section.

Download the Flashmate instruction sheet or brochure or see  Flashmate in action in our trouble shooting, how to and real life case study videos.

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