Weld On Gate Pack GG0198

Previously Called:   





​Tough robust fittings.  

Kit includes: 

  • 20mm weld on Gate Pin 
  • Heavy Duty Weld on Gate Socket 
  • JP Long Chain and Staple.
Warranty 1 year



    2.5mm Easycoilhttps://am.gallagher.com/au/products/electric-fencing/fencing/permanent-fencing/wire-and-cable/SW250002.5mm EasycoilEasycoil 2.5mm Heavy Gal, medium tensile 250m coilSW25000
    Spiralfast Wire Joiner ST25 2.5-2.8mm https://am.gallagher.com/au/products/electric-fencing/fencing/permanent-fencing/strainers/ST2504Spiralfast Wire Joiner ST25 2.5-2.8mm Spiralfast are made from heavy galvanised spring steel.ST2504
    Wire Dispenserhttps://am.gallagher.com/au/products/electric-fencing/fencing/fence-tools-and-accessories/SG52800Wire DispenserDesigned for high speed running out of fence wire. Can be used with plain or barbed wire.SG52800
    HD Chain Strainer, long chain and hookhttps://am.gallagher.com/au/products/electric-fencing/fencing/fence-tools-and-accessories/SG52960HD Chain Strainer, long chain and hookSmooth grip action. Can be used on plain or barbed wire.SG52960