Gallagher Mega Anchor

The DIY permanent fence solution

Gallagher Mega Anchor is the fast and easy to install, permanent fencing solution that can be installed by anyone, anywhere.

Quick and easy installation -Installed in as little as 15 minutes, but anyone, anywhere without the needs for digging holes or using heavy machinery

Built to last -Hot dip galvanised components covered by a 15 year warranty

Complete kits- All required components are supplied, simplifying installation and maintenance

Total solution -Gallagher Mega Anchor is the ideal partner for a Gallagher Westonfence, Insulated Line Post Electric Fence or other fencing systems

Gallagher Mega Anchor is supplied in complete kits

Post, Stay and Gate kits are available - combine Post and Stay Kits to create an end assembly.

All required components are supplied, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Quick and easy installation

Installed in as little as 15 minutes,by anyone, anywhere without the need for digging holes or using heavy machinery

Built to last

Hot dip galvanised components are covered by a 15 year warranty

Complete kits

All required components are supplied, simplifying installation and maintenance

Total solution

Rock-solid Gallagher Mega Anchor perfect fence for inaccessible country

“Building a fence in steep country is just much easier with Gallagher Mega Anchor because it’s so simple and so light. I can put a heap of them in the back of…

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Easy-to-use Gallagher Westonfence allows planned 80% stocking increase

“For me, I think the best thing that anyone can do is to get a specialist out to have a look. Whether it’s just a bit of advice, or to actually implement…

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Gallagher Insulated Line Posts perfectly suited to salty coastal environment

“They’re easier on the staff to handle because they’re lightweight compared to star steel. They’re quick to erect because they're easy to put in: we find they go into our wet ground…

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Gallagher Mega Anchoris supplied in one of three kits with the installation method varying between kits.

Gallagher Mega Anchor is supplied with all the materials required for a proper installation in firm, soft or loose ground.

Should you require assistance or spare parts contact your place of purchase or Gallagher on 1800 425 524.

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