Battery Fence Energizer B1600 G39600

Previously Called:   PowerPlus B1600





  • Flexibility in fence management – choose high, medium or low power operating modes. Also includes low and full output power terminals to operate independently on different fences
  • Gain peace of mind that fence is working properly - red light flashes intermittently or not at all if fence is overloaded
  • Check battery at a glance - green light shows battery is ok, flashes red if battery is running low
  • Save energy - Energizer slows to half speed when battery power is low
  • Reliable animal control is assured with built in lightning protection
  • Convert to solar operation with a solar package, including: Solar Panel, 12V 100AH Deep Cycle Battery and Battery Case. Refer to the Gallagher Solar and Battery Selection Guide for more information
  • Battery not included.
Warranty 2 year
Stored Energy (Joules)16 Joules
Property Size (Ha/Ac)60 ha/ 150 acres
Single Wire Distance Maximum Length (Km/ miles)180km/ 112 miles
Multiwire Distance Ideal Conditions (Km/ miles)65km/ 40 miles
Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended (Km/miles)16.25km/ 10 miles
Output Energy (Joules)10.6 Joules
Height210mm/ 8.3"
Width or Length220mm/ 8.7"
Depth110mm/ 4.3"
Product Weight3.1kg/ 6.82lbs



    3.5mm Turbo Braid Value Pack Turbo Braid Value PackIdeal for long portable electric fences. Pack size 535m • UV stabilised and strong for long life • Resistance: 150 Ohms per kilometre • 5mm thickness (3.5mm when strained) - clearly visible to stock SG62159
    Ring Top Post Top Post Proven in testing and on farm - a super strong design that also significantly prevents abrasion and tangling. A popular option for dairy and cattle portable fencing. G72313
    Lightning Diverter DiverterGallagher recommends all permanent Energizers be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect from lightning damage.G64800