12.5mm Heavy Duty Poly Tape SG62366

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  • ​Ideal for semi-permanent and portable electric fences
  • Ultra white, Poly Tape for high visibility and safer horse control
  • Higher strength filaments for longer runs
  • UV stabilised and strong for longer life
  • Resisstance: 4500Ohms per kilometre.
Warranty 1 year
Voltage (kV) at beginning of fence 8kV
Voltage (kV) at 500m of fence 2.5kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 1km of fence 1.5kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Width or Length400m/ 1312'
Diameter or Tape Width12.5mm/ 1/2"



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