5mm Turbo Braid G62174

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  • 400m   (G62176)
  • 200m   (G62174)
  • Heavy duty braid with mixed metals (x6 stainless steel and x3 copper strands) designed not to overstretch or tangle so it's also easy to handle
  • Superior shock delivery with 19x conductivity of standard poly wire
  • Ideal for controlling all animals using portable and semi-permanent electric fences over 200m
  • A safe and highly visible product so also recommended for semi-permanent horse fencing
  • Stripes discourage animals from challenging the fence
  • Made from hard wearing UV resistant materials.
Warranty 1 year
Voltage (kV) at beginning of fence8kV
Voltage (kV) at 500m of fence7.5kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 1km of fence7.1kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Width or Length200m/ 656'
Diameter or Tape Width5mm/ 3/16"



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