Economy Reel G61600

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  • Ideal for use on shorter, less frequently moved fences
  • Easy to maintain reversible and replaceable hub
  • Durable zinc coated frame and UV resistant hub
  • Conveniently hooks directly to fence or reel stand
  • Holds 500m/ 1640' Poly Wire and 200m/656' of 12.5mm/0.5" Tape
Warranty 1 year
Height290mm/ 11.4"
Width or Length240mm/ 9.4"
Depth250mm/ 9.8"
Product Weight9.8kg /1.87lbs
Conductor Capacity (length)Holds 500m (1640ft) Poly Wire, 400m (1312ft) Turbo Wire, 200m (656ft) Poly Tape or Turbo Tape.



    S17 Solar Fence Energizer Solar Fence EnergizerThe S17, with 0.17 Joules of stored energy, is a self-sufficient Energizer which uses solar power to charge an internal battery. It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and also for portable, short term animal control. Suitable for fencing horses and cattle on small farms or paddocks up to 2 acres. G34432
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