Double Insulated 2.5mm Soft Cable Dual Strand G62732

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  • Patent pending for this product 
  • For under gate cabling to earth wire return systems
  • Use in ground/earth return systems to increase power transmission and/or provide a backup cable
  • Reduced time and cost as power and earth wires are joined and can be fed through a protective pipe more easily
  • Simple to use with red and green insulation layer to make wiring up easier
  • Easy to handle with softer outer layer for easier stripping
  • Double insulated for extra protection. Note: Gallagher also recommends placing in a pipe for added protection underground
  • Resistance: 35 Ohms per kilometre.
Voltage (kV) at 2km of fence4.2kV
Voltage (kV) at 5km of fence2.4kV
Voltage (kV) at 10km of fence1.4kV
Width or Length70m
Diameter or Tape Width2.5mm
Warranty 10 years