FlashMate™ Heat Detector Pack G04050

A disposable electronic heat alert product that when applied, monitors riding activity and works out when a cow is in standing heat.

Pack of 96 (G04050)

Pack of 24 (G04051)

​​Accurate monitoring of standing heat is a critical factor for achieving 6 week in calf targets. Other key benefits of FlashMate™ Electronic Heat Detectors include:

  • Detects multiple heats– will flash red again for the next detected heat cycle if AI has failed
  • High retention– as a result of research into the best place for application, units can typically be retained throughout the mating season*
  • Improved accuracy- smarter detection, looking for patterns (length, time, frequency) rather than what could be a single event
  • Operates 24/7 and looks for spikes in contact activity, a large percentage of mounting activity happens at night
  • Low experience required - needs significantly less understanding and skill in correctly identifying heats, yet achieves what the best human operators are capable of – anyone can do it allowing time off during the mating season for experienced personnel

.*during spring moulting ensure re-application to maximise retention - lift all devices and re-glue.
Patents pending.

​Based on hundreds of hours of research, the smarts inside FlashMate™ are looking for specific patterns of riding activity such as frequency, number and length.

Heat Pattern Detected - FLASHES RED
FlashMate™ flashes red for 26 hours once the right heat activity pattern is detected to indicate the cow is ready for artificial insemination.

Subsequent Heat Pattern - FLASHES RED*
If the same cow returns to heat again FlashMate™ will again flash red.

No Subsequent Heat Pattern - FLASHES GREEN*
Once AI’d if the same cow does not come back into heat within 25 days, FlashMate™ will flash green to indicate possible conception


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