Gallagher at Wagin Woolarama

March 6 - 7 2020, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Wagin Showgrounds

Don't miss Gallagher at Wagin Woolarama in 2020.

Fencing for feral exclusion or to better manage your pastures?

Visit Gallagher at Wagin Woolarama to discover the latest in electric fencing from our team.

Learn about:
- Gallagher Westonfence: the fencing solution that outperforms legacy fencing on every measure
- Smart Energizers that can instantly alert you if there is a problem
- Electric Fencing best practice and problem solving
- Also, learn about our Weighing and EID and Water Monitoring solutions

Contact Gallagher on 1800 425 524 for more information

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