Construction speed and hotwire options guide Westonfence choice

When Marcus and Samantha Griffin bought “Dunedin” near Launceston three years ago, one of the immediate tasks was upgrading fencing on the undeveloped property.

Marcus said, “We’ve got an incredibly large quantity of fencing to do, so we needed to come up with something that was going to be of high quality at a lower cost than conventional fencing, and quick to erect.”

Beginning with internal fencing, high pressure from feral deer soon forced them to explore options to keep deer out. Research took Marcus, who is also an industry representative on the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture advisory board, to Westonfence.

“There are two real benefits for us with Westonfence: firstly, it creates a very solid fence – whether that be for electric or standard fencing – and secondly, there’s the speed at which you can build the fence.”

Marcus said another benefit was the number of hotwire options. “Any wire bar two can be hotwires, so out of a seven-wire dropper fence you can have five hotwires if you wanted – without adaptation from a non-electric fence to do so.

“We’ve just finished construction of a 15km, 15-wire, 2.2m high electric deer-exclusion fence. It actually serves two purposes: to exclude deer while forming part of our boundary, and internal fencing.

We chose the Westonfence as we couldn’t have achieved what we’ve done with any other type of fencing.”

  • Marcus and Samantha Griffin, owners of “Dunedin”, a 6,480ha beef, wool, sheep and prime-lamb grazing and irrigated-cropping operation at St Leonards.

Westonfence post
Westonfence post

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