Westonfence - A permanent fencing solution

Westonfence has been designed for the construction of a robust, low maintenance electric fence. It is fast, easy to construct and a cost effective solution to exclusion and subdivision fencing.

“Westonfence ISP's offer strength and reliability, longevity, UV stability and insulation”

With Gallagher, the Westonfence provides a complete solution to manage and protect livestock, pastures and other valuable assets.

This complete fencing system is centred on the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Insulated Suspension Posts (ISP's) and high tensile fastening clips. Westonfence ISP's offer strength and reliability, longevity, UV stability and insulation, and their unique design reduces the chance of electric fence faults and shorts.

Westonfence - developed by farmers for farmers

The Westonfence™ fencing system was developed in response to the need for a robust, low maintenance, electric fence to better manage livestock and control kangaroos. Conventional fencing had traditionally been used on the property to manage livestock, with reasonable results. The problem was kangaroos and other feral animals encroached on farmland, destroying valuable crops and pastures … especially in times of drought. Conventional fencing was ineffective for controlling these animals.

Westonfence works

Westonfence has been used Australia wide for the past 15 years. The system is adaptable to almost any environment, to control and exclude animals. Proven effective to control sheep, cattle, dorpers, goats, kangaroos, wild pigs, wild dogs, and others.

Unique Construction Methods

There are several construction methods suitable for Westonfence. Each have their advantages, depending on the length and type of fence being constructed. View the use of the Westonfence construction tool.

Increased Productivity with Subdivision

  • Increase stocking capacity
  • Improved pasture management
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduced Labour
  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • Fence integrity maintained
  • Longevity of Westonfence

Increased productivity with exclusion fencing

  • Exclusion of evasive species
  • Provides the ability to effectively rest paddocks from all mouths
  • Improved pasture management
  • Increase stocking capacity
  • Biosecurity benefits
  • Fence integrity maintained under pressure
  • Fence longevity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Cost effective

How to select the right Westonfence

  • Is mains power available?
  • What is your maximum fence distance?
  • What animals are you fencing in or out?
  • Purpose – subdivision, perimeter, exclusion, or combination of both
  • Geography – flat, undulating, steep

Speak to your Gallagher Territory Manager for advice on the right fence design for your property. Ph 1800 425 524

4 Wire Westonfence
Rick Crozier Westonfence Installation
Westonfence- Angle Side View
4 Wire Westonfence
Rick Crozier Westonfence Installation
Westonfence- Angle Side View

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