Weighing & EID

A combined weighing and electronic identification (EID) system is the absolute best option for farmers looking to manage their livestock performance more profitably.

“Take advantage of individual animal information to make better informed farm management decisions”

What is a Weighing and EID System?

A weighing and EID system automatically links the weigh data being captured with the individual animal to which it belongs. As well as dramatically reducing the labour requirement involved these systems enable a far higher and more precise degree of animal performance management
The system is made up of an EID Tag Reader, a weigh scale and a set of two weight sensing loadbars or four weigh feet, which are usually positioned under a platform or handler.

Weighing & EID

In this diagram the EID tag in the animal’s ear is read by the permanent EID tag reader and sent to the weigh scale, the weight data is also collected on the weigh scale shown via the loadbars and the two are permanently linked.

Why Weigh with EID?

EID tags become the lynchpin in an automated and accurate reading system, this increased access to accurate information means farmers can immediately see which animals are performing and which are not – so decisions can be made to improve production and realise stock value.

Yard management

  • Reduced time & effort - equipment reads fast and efficiently, automatically matching weight to animal ID number
  • Improved accuracy - remove human error and prevent incomplete or inaccurate records
  • Improved access to animal information - see full weight history for actual animal in the handler
  • Immediate display of weight gain performance
  • Automatic drafting by weight or EID

Stock value improvement

  • Identify the poor performers - treat, allocate to different feeding group or quit early
  • Accurate drenching levels - maximise treatment efficiency and minimise treatment costs
  • Meet the market required weight range – accurate selection of animals based on weight to maximise profit.

Gallagher solutions

Gallagher offer a range of rugged and reliable Weighing & EID Systems that provide easy to use solutions for each of these core requirements and many more benefits besides.

Go to the Animal Performance page for further information about weighing and EID and its effect on animal welfare and performance.

For specific benefits of weighing with EID for different types of animals, visit the In Practice page and select your specific animal type.

Weighing and EID
HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Sheep
Weighing and EID
HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Sheep

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