Pasture Management

To maximise the effectiveness of a grazing based farming operation the key is to keep the grass fresh, short, high energy and palatable which ultimately leads to increased milk and/or meat production. Electric fencing has revolutionised these pasture management techniques meaning better profitability for farmers.

Read the introduction article to find out why rotational grazing systems are so effective. Other case studies here show how market leading Gallagher products are making the traditional pasture grazing methods ever more efficient and successful.

Gallagher Westonfence fits the bill for first-time electric fence users

“It was the first time I’ve dealt with electric fencing, so it was a learning curve. After getting our heads around putting it up the first day, we then knew exactly how to strain it up and how to run it out. Now we’ve got it all sorted. It’s very quick.”

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'Only way to go’ Gallagher Westonfence allows native pasture regeneration at Cobar

“I really believe that if you’re going to put up a Westonfence, put up a Westonfence. Keep the specs roughly the same. It certainly works. People say you can’t stop roos, and you can’t stop this, and you can’t stop that, but we’ve actually got some really interesting footage here showing the fence stopping pigs.”

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Sheep Grazing Vineyard

Strip grazing sheep saves vineyard $15,000 in costs

508 hectare vineyard grazes a neighbour's merinos, earning money and saving money on herbicide treatments all at the same time.

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An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Basic Grazing Practises, How and Why they Work

Gallagher advises rotational grazing (also known as controlled/managed grazing) as the best way to achieve optimum pasture yield as part of the milk/meat production process. This involves grazing paddocks in rotation using a combination of permanent and/or temporarily fenced grazing areas.

Key Benefits

  • Effective - maximise results potential of feed and greatly improve the feed quality and yield
  • Efficient - direct harvesting of grass or fodder crops by animal with the manure returned directly to the soil during the process
  • Flexible - use a combination of permanent & portable fencing to maximise grazing area control

Read on to understand the key factors that need to be considered when subdividing land, what is grass tillering and why is it important and find out what fencing systems exist to support the whole process.

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Australian Cattle Muster

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Weighing Sheep

TSi enables fast, accurate throughput for supermarket contract | Gallagher Australia

Being able to weigh 500 cattle in three hours is a major advantage of the TSi Livestock Manager for Phil…

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Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate- Open

Introduction to Electric Fencing | Gallagher Australia

Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals in a selected area. It may also be…

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Dorper Ewes

No livestock losses to dogs since electrifying boundary fencing | Gallagher Australia

After a very bad run with livestock mauled by dogs, Dan and Linda Petty decided to put electric fencing around…

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Water Tank

Gallagher water monitor saves labour and days lost pumping | Gallagher Australia

A 1600 hectare stud sheep operation was looking to signifcantly reduce labour from water runs.

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An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Electric feral fence boosts hay production 4-fold, eliminates pigs | Gallagher Australia

Hungry, worm-ridden kangaroos in large numbers make a significant dent in feed and water that was originally destined for sheep.Add…

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