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Electronic Identification (EID, also known as Radio Frequency Identification or RFID), with its ability to identify and trace individual animals, has become increasingly important as traceability schemes are implemented worldwide to manage food safety and biosecurity risks.

When teamed with a weighing system this technology also has the potential to improve farm management decisions by leaps and bounds.

Take a look at the introductory article, EID Putting Farmers Ahead of the Game, to understand what EID is and how it works and browse the related news pieces to see how farming operations are benefiting from putting EID into their system.​

Young Cattle with EID Tag

Electronic Identification (EID)

From basic compliance through to extensive and detailed stock understanding at an individual animal level, EID has the potential to extract more profit from any farming operation.

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Robust, simple Gallagher TWR-5 suits rugged station needs

“Recording data is straightforward. It’s very easy to use – pretty much anyone can use it, no matter how technically skilled you are. Also, it’s quite a tough little unit, the robustness is just what we need, and the type of information we record in it suits our needs very well.”

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HR5 NZ Herald Article

Livestock Firm Enjoys Benefits Of Quick NAIT Data Transfer

A Northland (New Zealand) based livestock company is finding the transfer of data to NAIT much easier with the use of Gallagher's simple bit of software.

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Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate- Cow


Traceability schemes ensure the maintanence of food safety standards for end consumers of the meat or milk product.

As such they are vitally important to protect the national food production industries ongoing success.

Read more to understand what basic compliance means and how to extract more profit from the farm as result of fulfilling the obligations.

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HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Cattle

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Angle with Sheep Right

WA sheep EID program drives superior breeding | Gallagher Australia

Wanting to get more out of his sheep encouraged James Evans to join an electronic identification (EID) workshop group, being…

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Geoff Oliver- Weighing in Shed

Vic farmers improves productivity with weighing and EID products | Gallagher Australia

For “quite a few years”, midwife Isobel Oliver mentioned to her husband Geoff how easy it was to weigh babies…

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Australian Cattle

Improve Your Cattle Farm | Gallagher Australia

Pasture-based beef farming systems use Gallagher fencing solutions for feed allocation and feed management in a managed grazing system. Such…

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Angus Cross Group

Button clicks replace hours of paperwork with TSI | Gallagher Australia

TSi used to save significant time and improve accuracy dramatically on 3,000 acre Wagyu-Angus cross operation in Australia.

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Weighing Sheep

TSi enables fast, accurate throughput for supermarket contract | Gallagher Australia

Being able to weigh 500 cattle in three hours is a major advantage of the TSi Livestock Manager for Phil…

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Sheep Auto Drafter Left Close Up

Faster TSi2 processor improves productivity and reduces labour time | Gallagher Australia

Strict selection criteria for weight, fleece, worm resistance and carcase analysis are part and parcel of the ongoing success of…

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Angle with Sheep Right

Intuitive, faster TSi2 increases productivity, ensures data integrity | Gallagher Australia

This multi-award winning farm selects on micron, fleece weight, staple strength and much more in order to stay top of…

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Warwick Cattle Crush

Gallagher WEID equipment used in expanding the Vietnamese Cattle Industry | Gallagher Australia

Gallagher's WEID gear is rugged, but it's brilliant simplicity makes it very user friendly.

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