Electric Fencing

When Joe the horse decided to use the family car as a scratching post, it inspired Bill Gallagher Senior to solve the problem by electrifying the car. Joe got the message and the concept for the world’s first ever electric fence system was born.

That was back in the 1930s and that innovative drive remains at the heart of the culture. We’re an international company now, still pushing boundaries and creating ever more simple and effective electric fencing solutions that have made farm life easier.

Today, both permanent and portable electric fencing products are used all over the world.​

Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate- Open

An introduction to Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is ideal for grazing or pasture management by containing animals in a selected area. It may also be used to protect gardens and landscapes from animal damage.

Electric fences work by producing a short, safe and memorable shock for the animal, creating a psychological as well as a physical barrier.

Read on to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of electric fencing, what farmers use them for, how they compare to conventional fences and what key things you need to consider when selecting the right fence for you.

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An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Electric feral fence boosts hay production 4-fold, eliminates pigs

Hungry, worm-ridden kangaroos in large numbers make a significant dent in feed and water that was originally destined for sheep.

Add to that the issues that feral pigs create when rooting up the ground and it was time for an electric fencing solution.

Read how the Axfords have eradicated the pig problem altogether and brought the roo invasion down from some 1700 to just four.

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Smart Fence- Right Close Up

Smart Fence portable electric fence system.

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Karen and Owen Betts

Farmer protects livestock with single Gallagher energizer | Gallagher Australia

When the Betts family acquired the 410 acre property in 2013, the farm was set up for cattle with conventional…

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Gallagher joins forces with Westonfence- News

Livestock and Pasture Management with Westonfence | Gallagher Australia

Gordon Brown likes a fence “that’s stock proof when the power’s down, and bullet proof when it’s electrified”.

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Dorper Ewes

No livestock losses to dogs since electrifying boundary fencing | Gallagher Australia

After a very bad run with livestock mauled by dogs, Dan and Linda Petty decided to put electric fencing around…

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Weighing Sheep

TSi enables fast, accurate throughput for supermarket contract | Gallagher Australia

Being able to weigh 500 cattle in three hours is a major advantage of the TSi Livestock Manager for Phil…

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Westonfence- Angle Side View

Westonfence Crop Protection Driving Profitability | Gallagher Australia

For Northern Territory watermelon growers Stewart and Cassie Younghusband, a Westonfence powered by high-Joule Gallagher energizers has allowed them to…

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Sheep Grazing Vineyard

Strip grazing sheep saves vineyard $15,000 in costs | Gallagher Australia

508 hectare vineyard grazes a neighbour's merinos, earning money and saving money on herbicide treatments all at the same time.

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An Introduction to Electric Fencing

Pasture Management, Managed or Rotational Grazing | Gallagher Australia

Gallagher advises rotational grazing (also known as controlled/managed grazing) as the best way to achieve optimum pasture yield as part…

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