​Compliance schemes have been implemented to manage biosecurity and food safety risks in many countries around the world.

The dramatic increase in world meat trade (300% between 1990 and 2005) is a key driver of these schemes in order to maintain/restore customer confidence in the safety of livestock products.

Some of these are mandatory schemes like those in Canada, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand and some have varying degrees of compulsory compliance such as Europe being specific to sheep and goats.

The following articles outline the basics of the NLIS scheme in Australia (National Livestock Identification System) along with a look at how leading farmers are turning the cost of complying with such schemes into an investment in more efficient and profitable farming practises.

Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate- Cow


Traceability schemes ensure the maintanence of food safety standards for end consumers of the meat or milk product.

As such they are vitally important to protect the national food production industries ongoing success.

Read more to understand what basic compliance means and how to extract more profit from the farm as result of fulfilling the obligations.

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HR5 NZ Herald Article

Livestock Firm Enjoys Benefits Of Quick NAIT Data Transfer

A Northland (New Zealand) based livestock company is finding the transfer of data to NAIT much easier with the use of Gallagher's simple bit of software.

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Australian Cow with EID Tag

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HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader and Data Collector- Cattle

New HR5 Makes Stock Recording So Simple | Gallagher Australia

Leading Angus breeder places accurate stock identification at the heart of the operation

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Electric fencing, weighing, EID and water monitoring for sheep farming | Gallagher Australia

The sheer numbers involved in creating a profitable sheep flock mean that any aspect of the farming system needs to…

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Weigh Scale

What is Weighing | Gallagher Australia

A weighing system is a powerful yet easy to use solution which simply and precisely measures animal weight so that…

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Warwick Cattle Crush

Gallagher WEID equipment used in expanding the Vietnamese Cattle Industry | Gallagher Australia

Gallagher's WEID gear is rugged, but it's brilliant simplicity makes it very user friendly.

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