Animal Performance

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Assessing stock performance is a key component of increased profitability. It enables analysis of the many factors (genetics, feed, health maintenance programmes) that influence the farming system. Forward thinking farmers are implementing automated equipment solutions that facilitate quick and accurate data capture making on-farm decisions much clearer based on informed measurement.​

Gallagher TWR-5 has detailed crocodile management in the bag

“I’ve used Gallagher products for crocodiles before; my family business also has 53,000 head of cattle, so data capturing is nothing new to me. One of my main staff used a Gallagher TW system at a croc farm in Cairns, and he enjoyed the parameters of what he could capture on it. We got the TWR-5 because it’s the most advanced and we can capture the most data with it.”

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TW3 weigh scale weighing animals in a handler

Backgrounding operation relies on robust, accurate Gallagher management tools

“What we’ve done with the fence and the TW-3 Weigh Scale, it’s all about time and accuracy. We’re not wasting time now, checking stuff, all this Gallagher gear saves us heaps. And the quality of the products is really good too. Even down to the handles for the gates. We’ve converted pretty much all over to Gallagher now. We were using a cheaper brand, but we found they’re just not as good. The Gallagher ones last much better."

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- with Sheep Right

Weighing to Improve Livestock Performance

How implementing a regular weighing programme helps to maximise the performance of livestock.

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Angus Cross Group

Button clicks replace hours of paperwork with TSi

TSi used to save significant time and improve accuracy dramatically on 3,000 acre Wagyu-Angus cross operation in Australia.

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Angus Cattle Feedlot

Accurate, customised data pays the way for feedlot

“We use the TSi to weigh, induct, measure days on feed and track treatments for each animal. The speed of the program on the new model, the TSi 2, is terrific, it’s just so fast and intuitive."

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Fence Energizer M5800i with Monitor

Productivity improvements never rest at Biloela with Gallagher gear

“I was told about these Gallagher ones and said, ‘righto, let’s try one’. I asked if they did the same…

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Gallagher joins forces with Westonfence- News

Livestock and Pasture Management with Westonfence | Gallagher Australia

Gordon Brown likes a fence “that’s stock proof when the power’s down, and bullet proof when it’s electrified”.

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Geoff Oliver- Weighing in Shed

Vic farmers improves productivity with weighing and EID products | Gallagher Australia

For “quite a few years”, midwife Isobel Oliver mentioned to her husband Geoff how easy it was to weigh babies…

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Livestock Manager TSi 2- Weighing Sheep

TSi enables fast, accurate throughput for supermarket contract | Gallagher Australia

Being able to weigh 500 cattle in three hours is a major advantage of the TSi Livestock Manager for Phil…

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Sheep Auto Drafter Left Close Up

Faster TSi2 processor improves productivity and reduces labour time | Gallagher Australia

Strict selection criteria for weight, fleece, worm resistance and carcase analysis are part and parcel of the ongoing success of…

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