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You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Assessing stock performance is a key component of increased profitability. It enables analysis of the many factors (genetics, feed, health maintenance programmes) that influence the farming system. Forward thinking farmers are implementing automated equipment solutions that facilitate quick and accurate data capture making on-farm decisions much clearer based on informed measurement.​

Livestock Performance: The Benefits of a Regular Weighing Programme Basic Introduction

As the demands on agriculture production across the world continue to increase so does the ever growing need to manage farming operations as efficiently as possible. Keeping costs down and tracking conversion of inputs to outputs is becoming increasingly critical to the continued health of the business and stock alike.

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Button clicks replace hours of paperwork


Read how a 3,000 acre Queensland cattle and fodder cropping operation is saving significant time and money at the same time as dramatically improving accuracy.

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Accurate, customised data pays the way for feedlot


This mainly Angus-cross feedlot business turns off cattle each week to a Coles contract as well as backgrounding 1500 head of starter cattle. See how Feedlot Manager, Michael Beaumont is using technology to make track feed vs weight performance.


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24A combined weighing and electronic identification (EID) system is the absolute best option for farmers looking to manage their livestock performance more profitably.
49​Weighing & Electronic Identity solution guides better cattle buying
50Strict selection criteria for weight, fleece, worm resistance and carcase analysis are part and parcel of the ongoing success of this high performing farm.
52Intuitive, faster TSi2 increases productivity, ensures data integrity
47Being able to weigh 500 cattle in three hours is a major advantage of the TSi Livestock Manager for Phil Redding.
57Gallagher's WEID gear is rugged, but it's brilliant simplicity makes it very user friendly.
58Gallagher has unveiled a clever little heat detection product that offers farmers a huge return on investment. The Flashmate® Electronic Heat Detector, a standalone disposable device that monitors cow heat behaviour 24/7, was on display at this year’s National Fieldays.
59Cambridge farmer Garry Reymer has always believed that accurate heat detection is the most important factor for successful dairy farming.
69A Te Awamutu dairy farm manager Mike Anderson, used Flashmate during mating time for his 520 cow herd. Mike and his staff found the devices very easy to apply, requiring no special drafting, putting them on during milking in the herringbone dairy.
73Gordon Brown likes a fence “that’s stock proof when the power’s down, and bullet proof when it’s electrified”.