Animal Health

Prevention is better than cure.

Diseases that affect livestock can have a significant impact on meat and milk production. Keeping livestock healthy is a top concern for farmers. Proper dosages of vaccines, medicines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data assists farmers with preventing diseases, improving herd health and optimising efficiency in the operation.

Read the introduction below to find out what the leading farms are doing to monitor their livestock. The collection of articles also included on this page provide examples and insight into how farmers are putting Gallagher solutions to good use as part of their health management system.

Angus Cow Close Up

A Basic Introduction to Cost Effective Animal (Livestock) Health

Maintaining healthy stock ensures continued growth or milk production, timely management of sick stock minimises treatment cost and potential revenue losses.

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Cattle at Trough

Water monitor increases confidence and productivity

"This way, we can see if a tank is slowly going backwards and know we probably have a fault somewhere. It also gives me an indication of where to start looking for a problem too — I’m not flying blind on trying to find it."

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Gallagher joins forces with Westonfence- News

From ‘stock proof to bullet proof’: internal Gallagher Westonfence is ideal

"I like a fence that's stock proof when the power's down, and bullet proof when electrified. Once livestock work out a way to escape, they never forget, so my plan is to never to allow them to learn bad habits but to have good control from the start, rather than trying to beat bad habits after they have already begun.".

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Australian Cattle

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Dairy Cows

Electric fencing, weighing and EID and water supply for Dairy | Gallagher Australia

The introductory article provides a short overview on how electric fencing and weighing and electronic identification systems are essential tools…

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Australian Cattle

Improve Your Cattle Farm | Gallagher Australia

Pasture-based beef farming systems use Gallagher fencing solutions for feed allocation and feed management in a managed grazing system. Such…

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Water Tank

Gallagher water monitor saves labour and days lost pumping | Gallagher Australia

"If there’s a problem somewhere and we lose three tanks’ worth of water, well that’s basically three days’ worth of…

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Weigh Scale

What is Weighing | Gallagher Australia

A weighing system is a powerful yet easy to use solution which simply and precisely measures animal weight so that…

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Warwick Cattle Crush

Gallagher WEID equipment used in expanding the Vietnamese Cattle Industry | Gallagher Australia

"Gallagher WEID gear is rugged, but it's brilliant simplicity makes it very user friendly."

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