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Weighing & Electronic ID

​​​​​​​​​Weighing animals on a regular basis allows you to track their performance more accurately and make management decisions on real data. Ensure your stock are at the correct weight for market or joining. Adding electronic identification (EID) provides you with accessible, accurate identification of your individual animals, giving you the ability to make better, more informed farm management decisions. 

Weighing and EID System

Weighing Only System

Handlers, Crates and Platforms







​For weighing and scanning of animals in one location such as in the yards. A system might include a panel reader, load bars and a weigh scale set up on a crush or animal handler. 

​An easy to use, yet powerful system that accurately measures animal weight so that farmers can track performance and make management​ decisions more accurately. 

Our range of automatic and manual sheep handlers are designed to reduce the physical labour often required when handling sheep; saving you time money and effort. 

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​Know exactly how your animals are performing by tracking individual animals fleece performance. 


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