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Fleece Weighing System

Understanding exactly how individual animals are performing allows you to make management decisions based on accurate​ data. Monitor fleece performance easily at shearing time with the use of a weigh scale and barcode printer and scanner. 

Record fleece weights, and fleece traits directly into your Gallagher Livestock Manager TSI2 in the shearing shed for individual animals. 


System Components: 

Portable Hand held EID tag reader

  • Scan animal's EID tag or enter Visual ID tag number, scanner will send message to barcode printer and allocate barcode to individual animal

Barcode Printer

  • Print allocated barcode in the shed via the portable and rugged barcode printer and attached to fleece

Barcode Scanner

  • Attach scanner directly to your indicator and scan allocated barcode on each fleece as it is assessed for weight, micron, length, strength etc.

Weigh Scale Indicator

  • Weights are recorded directly to animals unique ID number with the option to record detailed traits depending on which weigh scale indicator is used.