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Water Monitoring

​​​​​​​A complete, simple solution for the monitoring and management of water and other fluids. Extremely easy to operate and install, the system provides peace of mind that there is water available. It helps prevent water outages by providing early warnings if levels start to fall significantly. An optional wireless pump controller can also be added to ensure tank levels are maintained.

Water monitoring made easy.

The system is made of up two main parts - a desk top display unit and a tank unit and level sensor.  The sensor accurately measures the liquid level in the tank based on pressure, and sends this information wirelessly by line of sight via the Tank Unit to the Display Unit.


The Desktop Display Unit shows the tank information at a glance and up to nine Tank Units can be monitored via one Display Unit.


The tank unit is solar powered so there's no need to change batteries or supply power. The standard multi directional antenna works for up to 4km in line of sight, and can be upgraded with an externally mounted antenna to increase range up to 10km.