Territory Managers

Our expert team are based throughout the country providing nationwide service and offering one-on-one system selection advice, training and support.

Girard Williams

Territory Manager - SE South Australia & Western Victoria

Phone: 0429-842-575
Email: girard.williams@gallagher.com

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Paul Hutchens

Territory Manager - South Australia, Broken Hill & Alice Springs

Phone: 0425-228-022
Email: paul.hutchens@gallagher.com

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Chris Pitts

Territory Manager - Northern Western Australia

Phone: 0425 207 041
Email: chris.pitts@gallagher.com

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Murray Green

Territory Manager - Southern Western Australia

Phone: 0425 718 478
Email: murray.green@gallagher.com

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Justin Cooper

Territory Manager - Tasmania

Phone: 0425-704-365
Email: justin.cooper@gallagher.com

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Ayden Embling

Territory Manager - Gippsland VIC

Phone: 0427 316 252
Email: ayden.embling@gallagher.com

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Trevor Wood

Territory Manager - Southern Victoria

Phone: 0425 708 447
Email: trevor.wood@gallagher.com

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Justin Brown

Territory Manager - Central Victoria

Phone: 0425-718-480
Email: justin.brown@gallagher.com

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Jeff Chadwick

Territory Manager - Northern Victoria

Email: jeff.chadwick@gallagher.com

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Dean Paton

Territory Manager - South East NSW

Phone: 0425-204-148
Email: dean.paton@gallagher.com

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Trent Martin

Territory Manager - South West NSW and Riverina

Phone: 0428 699 679
Email: trent.martin@gallagher.com

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Brendan Ryan

Territory Manager - Central NSW

Phone: 0425 235 299
Email: brendan.ryan@gallagher.com

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Rodney Newton

Territory Manager - Northern New South Wales

Phone: 0425 234 781
Email: rodney.newton@gallagher.com

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Nic Crompton

Territory Manager - Coastal Southern QLD/North East NSW

Phone: 0425-234-780
Email: nicholas.crompton@gallagher.com

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Jayson Webb

Territory Manager - Inland Southern Queensland

Phone: 0425-230-948
Email: jayson.webb@gallagher.com

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Brian Rowling

Territory Manager - Northern QLD and Northern Territory

Phone: 0425 238 064
Email: brian.rowling@gallagher.com

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