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Noel Hecker

Technical Support Manager



​​​​The Melbourne based technical support team is available to all customers as a resource when setting up new systems, trouble shooting with older systems, and training our staff and customers on the technical details of our products.  ​

Where you may need detailed support on fence design, setting up a new weighing or water monitoring system or help navigating through the Gallagher Animal Performance Software, Noel and our technical support team are available on 1800 GALLAGHER to talk you through almost any issue you may have. 

The technical support team are also responsible for carrying out repairs and service work on older Gallagher products. Speak to your local reseller if you require any service or repairs and they can arrange to have your product assessed by one of our five Technical Support Representatives in Melbourne. ​​



Joanne Lavelle LavelleTechnical Support - Customer Services Representative
Noel Hecker HeckerTechnical Support Manager