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Sarah Cameron

Customer Service Representative - South East SA / North Central VIC / South West NSW / Riverina



Sarah Cameron knows Gallagher’s products are good. 

Before becoming a Customer Service Rep, she worked in Tech Support - and even did a couple of stints in the warehouse. 

“It’s good knowing that you’re dealing with some of the best equipment on the market. You know what you’re talking about actually works. But there’s always something to learn here, which is great.”

Before joining Gallagher in 2014, Sarah had worked in public transport, doing everything from face-to-face surveys and data input, to reports and analysis. She’s also had previous warehousing and logistics experience. 

In customer service, she enjoys seeing customers benefit, getting them the right information and making sure they’re satisfied. “Customers appreciate that and it’s always nice, knowing that you’re doing the right thing.” 

As for why she enjoys working for Gallagher, Sarah says, “The business as a whole is fantastic. There’s always room to train up. I started from the warehouse, so there is always room for improvement and Gallagher supports that.”



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