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What is Weighing

A weighing system is a powerful yet easy to use system for tracking animal performance.

What is a weighing system?

A weighing system, is a powerful yet easy to use system which simply and precisely measures animal weight so that farmers can track performance.

The system is made up of a weigh scale indicator and a set of two weight sensing loadbars or four weigh feet, which are usually positioned under a platform or handler.

Why weigh?

There are a number of specific benefits of weighing your animals:

  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Meet processor target weights for premium prices
  • Measure and record weaning weights
  • Reach animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction results
  • Measure feed conversion to maximise yield by monitoring weight gain over time
  • Monitor animal health

Go to the Animal Performance page for further information about weighing and how coupling it with electronic identification (EID) can have a significant positive impact on profitability, time efficiency and accuracy.

For specific benefits of weighing different types of animals, visit the In Practice pages for the relevant animal.

Gallagher Solutions

Delivering brilliantly simple solutions that make farm life easier and more profitable for over 75 years – it’s what Gallagher does best. The Gallagher range of innovative weighing systems is one such solution and provides farmers with the tools to accurately and easily measure animal performance.

Gallagher Weigh Scales and Data Recorders range from an entry level automatic weighing model through to the most advanced weighing and data collection system available. The models include:

  • W210 - Entry level automatic weigh scale. Locks on animals’ weight regardless of movement and has three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing.
  • TW-1 - Entry level EID compatible weigh scale. Simple to operate, touch screen weigh scale - collect data to optimise animal performance.
  • TW-3 - Advanced EID compatible weigh scale and data collector. Simple to operate, touch screen weigh scale with the additional functionality of life data and trait recording.
  • TSi 2 - An animal weighing and data collection system for improved livestock management and performance. The TSi 2 provides immediate access to detailed animal information, anywhere, at any time – in the yard, the office or on the farm.

Here is a quick summary overview of the comparative features and benefits of these models.

Making the data work

Gallagher’s Animal Performance Software is an effective and easy to use stock analysis tool with easy to navigate, visual menus and pre-set reporting to enable quick analysis of the weight data you’ve captured, particularly the most frequently accessed information such as weigh prediction by given dates and historical reviews.
It also enables farmers to easily transfer data elsewhere for example to a vet or farm advisor or anyone within the farming management team.

Gallagher solutions are designed to make the hard job of farming easier. Taking care of your stock is a job we take extremely seriously. All our products are designed to overcome the challenges of everyday farming even before they leave the factory and undergo many rigorous environmental stress tests to ensure they can handle the toughest conditions. Our weighing and electronic identification systems are no different and lead the market in their ease of use and reliability.

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“Accurately and easily measure animal performance”